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Are you looking to take your online learning and training program to the next level? Paradiso WebEx Learning Management System integration delivers precisely what you need. This seamless integration enhances user’s online learning experience and provides dynamic, interactive online training to employees, customers, and partners anywhere in the world with WebEx LMS Integration. Our Learning Management System WebEx Integration boosts training effectiveness while delivering an actual media-rich classroom experience for partners, employees, customers, and students. In addition, the WebEx integration fosters collaboration among administrators and learners and makes learning interactive and immersive for users.

WebEx LMS Features

WebEx LMS Features

Webex conferencing within the LMS

Schedule WebEx online conferencing sessions from your existing LMS as part of a course offering and allow users to join live WebEx conferencing sessions from within their existing LMS, with no need to switch platforms. The WebEx LMS integration enables WebEx conferencing that helps learners and administrators connect in real-time and makes learning personalized and interactive since users can directly connect with the teacher readily.

Record training sessions without leaving your LMS

The record training sessions feature of WebEx within the LMS lets instructors record their lessons or sessions as they are taught, then make them available for the future so that others can watch them later at their convenience from anywhere anytime. It also helps instructors review their sessions and plan for improvement or restructuring if required.

Advanced tracking and reporting

Measure what everyone is learning through tests, quizzes, and polls and create reports on who attended, how long they stayed, and their test results. Judge each learner’s progress based on the reports and decide learning paths for individuals to reach their goals. Track learners and understand who are good performers and who need improvement and structure their path to success in learning.

Single Sign-on (SSO) between WebEx and LMS

You can automatically log in to your LMS and WebEx instance with a simple click without the need to enter any login details. The LMS stores the WebEx ID and password to ensure Single Sign-on between the two platforms with the WebEx LMS integration. This avoids remembering multiple credentials and improves the speed of switching over to different applications within seconds.

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WebEx LMS Features

WebEx LMS Features

Seamless SAP CRM Integration

User Management

You can add multiple numbers of users and manage groups as per different privileges. Separate WebEx meeting groups can be assigned separate projects, and users can be managed within the group or on an individual basis. Each user can be tracked and managed independently by the software..

Access anywhere, anytime, from any device

Session Management

Sessions of classes, webinars, or meetings can be easily managed with the WebEx LMS integration. Sessions can be pre-scheduled and held so that users can make themselves available. It can also be managed to be pre-recorded or real-time as per the requirement. It can be added, scheduled, and removed with API requests in the LMS.

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Student Registration

The WebEx meeting registration feature can be used to set up a new student and integrate WebEx meeting Attendee registration functionality with the LMS. In addition, the session attendance data can be later on retrieved from the system to understand student’s participation in the program. 

Easy Content Upload

Test Result Retrieval

Results of online tests administered during a session can be retrieved with the WebEx LMS integration. The integration allows you to access the test information through the LMS system using API functions. In addition, you can also upload test results to the LMS with ease.

Training-focused features

Classroom Collaboration

The platform is complete and is a Administrators can organize students into project groups within seconds. Students can collaborate and work together and learn anytime, from anywhere, and from any device. Everyone can chat, discuss, learn and share files securely within the LMS.

Training-focused features

Simplified Administration

The administration becomes simplified with collaboration through video, chat, and file sharing. In addition, administrators can log in, schedule sessions or classes, and sync calendars for simplified administration within the LMS. All the information is available in a single place making administration easy.

Why Paradiso LMS?

Why Paradiso LMS?

Paradiso LMS seamlessly integrates with WebEx

  • Paradiso LMS seamlessly integrates with WebEx meetings for various learning benefits and provides an excellent user learning experience. The online meetings, webinars, and sessions make learning dynamic, engaging, and interactive with the LMS integration.
  • Paradiso LMS provides the best of software integrations for a seamless learning experience.
  • The learning solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device by the user.
  • It is a one-stop solution for learning like blended learning, social learning, mobile learning, and collaborative learning.
  • Paradiso LMS provides 24 X 7 support to its users for uninterrupted learning.

Collaborate and learn together from anywhere, anytime using video conferencing WebEx LMS for engaging and immersive learning in a real-time environment.


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