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LMS Features

The complete suite of capabilities and features of the Paradiso LMS, with room to grow.

Core LMS Features

  • Report builder
  • in-built Authoring tool
  • SCORM, AICC, Tin Can Support
  • Quiz engine
  • Custom Certificates
  • Feedback

Advanced Features

  • Skill gap analysis
  • Multi-tenant (Extended Enterprise)
  • Gamification
  • Automation
  • Learning Path
  • Competency Framework

Face-to-Face (ILT) training

  • Registration and cancellation
  • Attendance / Wait List
  • Room reservations
  • Instructor scheduling


  • HRMS like Bamboo HR, ADP etc.
  • Salesforce
  • ERP Systems
  • 100+ other integrations


  • SOC2 Certification
  • DDoS attack detection
  • SSL Certificate
  • User Permissions


  • Single Sign on
  • Purchase Directly from LMS
  • Payment Integrations
  • Auto-Enrollment
  • eLearning course Catalogue
  • Subscriptions / Discounts

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No matter how small, medium or large your organization is,
all our plans give you the complete suite of capabilities and features of the Paradiso LMS

Small & Medium Business LMS

250 Users

Do you think having an LMS is an expensive affair?
Then probably you're not talking to the right ones. Contact us to get the best that fits your budget.


250+ Users

Confused about how to have an enterprise-wide digital transformation?
Know how to speed up the process and make an all-inclusive change digitally with us.


1000+ Users

Are you looking for great LMS flexibility that is economical for your big organization?
We have a dedicated team to help you meet your goals and achieve business excellence.

User LMS


To get an unlimited user's price estimate please contact our Sales team

Paradiso Offerings

Find out more about all our services below. Click on the service you’d like to explore.

Paradiso Learning Management System

Most customizable yet affordable LMS solution

LMS provides the means to train, upskill, and reskill learners using winning features like social learning and collaboration, gamification, analytics and reports, and much more. Ideal for every industry and organization, integrate your other software and operate from one platform-for-all.

  • Report builder
  • 50+ Pre-build reports
  • in-built Authoring tool
  • SCORM, AICC, Tin Can Support
  • Quiz engine
  • Custom Certificates
  • Feedback

Course Catalog

Off-the-shelf engaging Courses on a wide variety of topics!

Explore the whole range of course catalog and directly include them in your learning journey. Find your industry or requirement-relevant courses without having to build your courses all the way. All courses are SCORM and AICC compliant with compliance to mobile view,

  • SCORM & AICC Complaint Courses
  • 70000+ Courses ready to include in your LMS
  • Specific courses for different industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharma, Banking and others
  • Topics include Leadership, Management, IT, Security, Communication, customer services

Paradiso LXP

User-based learning for better learning experience

LXP brings personalization to learning coupled with social, collaborative methods, AI driven learning recommendations, improves KPIs, and promotes user engagement. User-based content provides immersive learning. Beyond an LMS, it makes learning intuitive and productive.

  • Knowledge base
  • Screen recording
  • Social learning
  • Recommendation engine

Composer Authoring Tool

Compose your courses in a jiffy

Plan your courses and training sessions. Use the Paradiso authoring tool to authorize your courses quickly and personalize training as per your need. Create dynamic and engaging content easily, improve user learning relevance, and increase their knowledge.

  • Easy to use: Anyone can use it without advanced training
  • Use with or without LMS: Export as SCORM and use in your own LMS
  • Fast content creation: Quickly create content using our editable templates and samples

Assessments & Proctoring

Proctor like a pro

Use proctoring to monitor users with the webcam while taking online exams. Maintain exam integrity while managing the sessions remotely. Eliminate the chances of malpractice even when opting for online courses and exams.

  • Eye gaze monitoring
  • Audio/Video monitoring
  • Desktop and Webcam recording
  • AI based
  • Cheating score

Sell Courses Online

Build revenue with eCommerce

Market and sell courses online and increase your revenue. Optimize your ROI by not only providing courses online but also selling them. Boost sales with automated triggers and marketing to targeted audience.

  • Purchase Directly from LMS
  • Payment Integrations
  • Auto-Enrollment
  • Bulk Purchase, Coupons

Special Pricing for a non-profit organization or institute?
Paradiso goes an extra mile for supporting non-profit organizations. We have special plans and offers for such institutes.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

How do I pay for my Paradiso LMS Licenses?

We accept all major credit cards which are processed using a secure payment gateway. Wire transfer is also accepted and payments are processed on a monthly or annual basis.

Are there any additional charges?

Based on your project, our development team may need to meet some extra requirements, so some additional charges could be applicable.

Can I reuse Active Users?

You can re-use an Active User slot by suspending the dormant user and recycle it for new enrollments.

Is there any Setup support?

Multi-Tenancy is an additional feature that allows you to run extended enterprise learning projects. Contact us for more information.

What does Paradiso LMS offer?

Paradiso LMS includes Gamification, Social Learning, Blended Learning, Mobile Learning, Advanced Reporting, SCORM / AICC / Tin Can Compatible, Learning Paths, Performance Management, Custom Branding, Certifications.

With the pricing is it possible to upload all file formats?

You can rapidly build training courses by uploading your existing training material. Upload your Videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word, Excel and other related training documents, Paradiso LMS is also SCORM / AICC / Tin Can Compatible.

Is Multi-Tenant feature included in the standard LMS pricing?

Multi-Tenancy is an additional feature that allows you to run extended enterprise learning projects. Contact us for more information.

What happens if I reach a maximum number of active users?

You will be charged a fee for each additional user that accesses Paradiso LMS. You can either pay for each extra active user on monthly basis or upgrade to next “slot” or “plan”.

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