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Paradiso helps creators like you to monetize your Learning courses with our LMS eCommerce integration.

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The global marketplace is already accepting the shift in the techniques and trends of learning. Add your efforts in selling your informative and engaging content through the best ecommerce platform.

Easy to Manage Learning & Training content purchases

Paradiso LMS is allowing you to manage, track, and evaluate learning and training content. Look for an LMS that integrates with your existing systems and allows you to track and manage content purchases and usage easily.

Increased accessibility

An eCommerce LMS allows your employees and customers to access training and learning materials from any device with an internet connection, making it easier for them to learn and access information on the go.

Professional Store to sell Courses online

Display your bestselling courses through Paradiso ecommerce platform and get interested users driven to purchase your content online.

Subscription-based business or Bulk Course sale

Sell courses in bulk to organizations or add subscription plan for your users. Offer your users with attractive discounts to scale up your business.

Third-party payment gateways

Add safe and secure payment gateways for your customers to make online course shopping effective.

Exceed your Goals with robust
LMS eCommerce integration tool

We help you to enhance your functionality by integrating ecommerce integration tools with your LMS. Get the training required to make use of the incredible features. Run the eLearning platform successfully to grow your business.

SSO (Single Sign On)

With Single Sign On (SSO), your users never have to leave the eLearning platform. Sign into your eCommerce platform within your LMS and eliminate the struggle of switching multiple platforms.


Auto-enrolment saves time on the part of the admin and reduces the errors associated with the wrong enrolment. All the courses purchased by the user remain in his dashboard even after he has finished viewing the courses

Purchase Direct From the LMS

Your users can buy your courses without even leaving the LMS making the entire experience user friendly. Our eCommerce feature is designed to be simple and flexible for better user engagement.

Subscriptions, Discounts and Pricing

Add pricing, discounts and coupons for your courses and manage payment plans or subscriptions easily. Get detailed purchase summary of the courses and users at one place.

Intuitive – Easy to Use Design

The eCommerce LMS platform has been carefully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for both users and admin. The simple and functional UI aims to give great user experience.

eLearning Course Catalog

We have the most extensive eLearning catalog in the industry, with more than 80000+ off-the-shelf courses that ensure the best possible learning experience. Our courses offer the perfect blend of quality to enhance the development of your e-Learners.

Increase Revenue

Sell your courses, webinars and eLearning content directly through Paradiso LMS. Upsell and cross-sell products online to enhance your revenues.

Sell product packages/ Course bundles

Sell similar courses in the form of ‘course bundles’ at a discounted price to strategize your sales. Choose and pair up courses you want to sell together to make your business effective.

Data security

We ensure that the course selling is extremely secure and the data shared is encrypted safely. The payment gateway used is safe for the users and no privacy is breached.

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