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Paradiso LMS Blended Learning

Paradiso LMS Blended learning brings together the best of both classroom learning and elearning. Our LMS combines the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of online education. Blended Learning uses Paradiso Learning Management System to teach and support learning in a classroom. With Paradiso LMS learners can access high-quality course materials, course calendars and assignments at any time they wish.

Paradiso LMS offers Blended learning to K-12 and university as well as Corporations and the business world.

paradiso lms blended learning

What is Blended Learning

In a nutshell Blended learning “is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace.” Blended learning simply combines classic face to face classroom methods with computer based activities (eLearning)


Benefits of Blended Learning

  • Better Reinforcement :
    Students that take both online and traditional classes, learn better, mainly because they reinforce the knowledge they learn in the classroom with the information they get in the online course, or viceversa.
  • Easy Update System :
    All the existing content from online classes and databases of students can be easily updated on the system, the instructor just needs to upload the new course, test, document, video, audio, or other, in few minutes.
  • More Flexible Program:
    The blended learning allows asynchronous activities, i.e., students can progress at their own pace to suit their needs. Now, they will be able to read ebooks, watch videos, listen to audios, browse Internet pages, and check out more content related to what they learnt in their classes.
  • Reduce Time and Save Money:
    Students, trainers and managers of your organization, will optimize the use of their time and money, since they decrease travelling inside and outside the city.
  • Higher Level of Interaction:
    Most learning management systems (LMS) have communication tools that allows students or employees of your organization to share information using chat applications, forum, private and public access areas, email, social network apps, among other.
  • Extension of Coverage:
    As a result of the above, your organization can attend a larger number of students or employees, thus saving time, money and effort. The traditional learning is limited to a 100% face-to-face meetings, which is very time-consuming. If you can record a video of the general steps for one of your general procedures, why to repeat the process hundreds of times?

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